MAK LUBES offers Specialist Lubricants that deliver game changing performance whilst reducing downtime.

A range of industrial greases, oils and fuel additive for use in all types of industries including mining and quarrying, marine, transportation, cement and sugar. They offer high performance and excellent value for money.

Our specialist lubricants include ML222 Multi Purpose Lubricant, specifically designed for use in plain and anti-friction bearings operating under heavy shock loads, vibration, dust and dirt or water washed conditions. ML615-646 Syn Gear Oil is formulated from synthetic base fluids with high viscosity index and carefully selected additives to provide effective friction reduction and extreme pressure protection under severe operating conditions.

Finally, our range of wire rope lubricants includes ML200 Wire Rope Penetrating Grease – a semi-fluid lubricant with excellent adhesion characteristics and water resistance, ideal for the lubrication of wire ropes and chains that are exposed to severe conditions.

This Marine Sector brochure, from our parent company, A&S International, not only features relevant MAK LUBES products but also a range of their other specialist products which deliver gamechanging results for the marine environment.
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