MAK LUBES’ aim is to provide our customers with Quality Maintenance Lubricants that deliver exceptional performance

With over 100 years of cumulative experience in the global lubricants industry we understand that industrial clients need and want solutions that help them to make significant reductions in their maintenance & operating costs.

Knowledge of many industries & multiple applications also means we know how best to utilise high performance lubricants to really make a difference in extending the life of valuable equipment & therefore reducing expensive downtime.

All of our growing range of quality products deliver premium performance and our worldwide team looks forward to working with your team to improve the reliability of your plants and the profitability of your business.


MAK LUBES range of Specialist Lubricants are designed to perform in the most testing environments

Compressor Oils
Refrigeration compressor oils for a variety of refrigerants
Gear Oils
Extreme Pressure Gear Oils suitable for use in demanding gearbox applications
A range of industrial greases for all types of industries
Wire Rope Lubes
Greases to coat, penetrate and protect wire ropes
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