ML291 – ML292

BENTEX M1 & M2 High Temperature Greases

BENTEX M1 and M2 High Temperature Greases are superior quality synthetic E.P. greases designed for demanding lubrication applications. They are produced with high Viscosity Index synthetic base oils (PAO) and are enriched with antioxidant additives. With no dropping point, they can be used where high operating temperatures prohibit the use of a standard grease. They provide additional protection by forming a dry lubrication film on the metallic surfaces, when the grease is removed, due to containing Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2).

  Applications & Benefits

  • They are suitable for lubrication of bearings at operating temperatures up to 270°C.

  • Also for use in ovens to lubricate chains and hinges.

  • Outstanding lubrication properties at temperatures up to +270°C and dry film
    lubrication up to +380°C.

  • Excellent wear protection due to Extreme Pressure (E.P.) properties.

  • Effective protection against rust, corrosion and oxidation.

  • Superior performance ensuring longer grease and bearing life.

  • Maintains their characteristics for long storage periods.

  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs.


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